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You're everything I wanted and more

because I came here to make you dance tonight

Keep Calm and Blather On
Currently finishing my last semester at my community college before transferring to a 4-Year with plans to earn a Bachelor's degree in Psychology.

I write and draw semi-regularly, but I don't publish either. I'm working on my skills in both so I can reach a point where I'm proud enough to post some of it for the public.

I have been known to obsess over various fandoms to the point that my family worries it's unhealthy. The current obsession(s): Pacific Rim, The Hobbit, and Dragon Age.

I am a fan of slash (male/male), with the rare hetero pairing thrown in (very rare), and I like sharing my (sometimes not-quite-so-well-informed) opinion every once in a while, so you will be seeing all of those on my blog. Stop by my tumblr to get the idea of which fandom I'm interested in at the moment, drop by the ask box, say hi.


RIP Michael Jackson
RIP Jimmy Sullivan
RIP Elisabeth Sladen
RIP Steve Jobs
RIP Robin Sachs
RIP Richard Griffiths
RIP Robin Williams (You were a gift to the world. May you finally be at peace.)
RIP Leonard Nimoy (Live long and prosper.)
RIP Christopher Lee (You lived a full and happy life and we will miss you.)
RIP Alan Rickman (Thank you for all the years you've given us.)
RIP David Bowie
RIP Anton Yelchin (You died much too young, and you will be so deeply missed.)

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