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Meh Ships

With Gency (Genji/Mercy from Overwatch) Valentine's Day lines being found in the PTR, it got me thinking about ships that I don't hate, but I don't really like either? I've actually got lots of those. There are very few ships that I actively NOTP -like, hate with a fiery passion that makes me foam at the mouth- but there are quite a few ships that I don't much care for. The best way to describe it is a passive dislike for a ship? Like, there's just this hint of "nah" whenever I think about it, and that's what I feel about Gency. I don't NOTP Gency, but I don't really like it either. And with it being all-but-confirmed as canon, I'm just stuck here like "ugh." To be fair, though, worse fan pairings could've been confirmed that are worse than a doctor and her patient. We could've gotten Meihem or something (in-game dialogue confirms that Mei does not like Junkrat at all, let alone is in love with him, sooooo).

Idk, just, ugh, Gency's canon and I just started shipping Genyatta a couple weeks ago, fml. Now I'm going to be seeing more bg Gency in my McHanzo, UGH.

At this point, I'm praying that McCree and/or Hanzo are gay af. Bi or Pan would be just as good, but I don't want them in a fucking hetero relationship, I just don't. The only way I'd be cool with that is if they were with a female-identifying omnic or something. Also, if the lady doesn't end up being SOMBRA or something. Jfc, I'm going to be lowkey stressed 24/7 until one or both of their sexualities are revealed.