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More Overwatch Stuff

Idk, I just want to talk about the heroes I've been playing a lot of.

In games like this, you really should be familiar with every single hero, even if you're not the best with all of them. I'm trying really hard to get familiar with all of them, but, y'know, there's just some characters that don't fit your personality/temperament/play style. Like, for example, me and offensive characters just don't fucking work. Even "easy" heroes like Soldier: 76 and Reaper, it's like, get outta here with those guys, I just can't. Meanwhile, I'm much better with tanks and defensive characters, and I fall back on those heroes when I play with other people as opposed to bots. Bots don't care if you're getting mowed down by Medium A.I.s because you're not very good at Sombra, but then you play with RL people and it feels like you can't let them down by playing a hero you don't have down yet, so you fall back on those two or three you know AND THEN SOME OTHER MOTHERFUCKER TAKES JUNKRAT. How dare they.

But, seriously, for posterity's sake, here are the heroes I'm currently okay playing:

*laughing for a million years*
-Soldier: 76 maybe?????? If I'm forced??????

-Torbjörn (ha still have the ö on my clipboard :DDDDD)

(there's another tank in here somewhere that can go fuck itself I feel...oh yeah FUCKING WINSTON WTF FUCK WINSTON)

-Lúcio (now ú's on the clipboard, sorry suddeny-Hispanic-Torbjúrn)
(I've been trying so hard with Zenyatta but his mechanics are so weird - is this one of those things where you change the key-mapping for certain characters? And, oh yeah, note to self: change Mercy's healing to toggle healing because omfg.)

Idk if you can tell, but Junkrat's the ultimate fave atm, because he's fun and also fuck aiming. Lots of damage + little aiming + self-destruct death = my kind of hero. I also enjoy Bastion, especially on maps where I get to just park somewhere and blow people away.

My goals:
-get good with at least one offensive hero (probs going to be Soldier: 76 with how much I play him, lbr)
-practice with Symmetra, I feel she could be really useful to have on hand

And, seriously, all the offensive heroes seem so overrated? Like they're trying too hard with the designs? I mean: Genji, weeaboo #2 (second only to HANZO); McCree the Kid who requires the steadiest hand in the West to get any shots on people; Reaper the Cheater, seriously, anyone who plays Reaper's fucking cheating because he's CHEAP, I saw a Reaper get POTG when he ACCIDENTALLY used his ult, that's how OP this guy is in non-competitive. Then I SUCK with Sombra, Pharah, and Tracer, because, again, that's just NOT MY PLAY STYLE. Soldier: 76 you'd think would be better but he's fucking squishy as hell so I just get mowed down as soon as I show my face. It's awful.

So I'll be practicing in A.I. matches with offensives, and in PvP will be sticking with characters I actually feel okay playing.