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Overwatch Hell

I blame my BFF entirely for the new hell I'm in. I've been ignoring anything Overwatch-related for months, even when my brother was eagerly awaiting it's release and he got giddy over anything Tracer-related, I didn't care about Overwatch. My dashboard had been and still is covered in Overwatch content, and I had things like "mchanzo" blacklisted, barely understanding what it meant. And now? Fucking now? Now, I am the proud owner of the Overwatch Origins Edition because it has the Strike Commander Morrison skin for Soldier: 76. God-fucking-dammit.

Again, I blame my friend.

I can't say when he first showed me clips from a group of Aussie Youtubers who played a lot of Overwatch (I want to say he first showed me Zylbrad? But it could've been Muselk or even Oasis, who knows. I DO know that he showed me a video with Oasis in it because her voice is like audible sugar, seriously.) He'd mentioned them on and off for a while, but even with a few clips, I was like, "yeah, that's funny," and moved on. And then he had the audacity to show me entire videos, from Bazza Gazza and Tyrodin. Then, the straw to break the camel's back: The World's Worst Coach by Muselk, where he "teaches" a friend's friend "how to play" Overwatch using Torbjörn and fails utterly, and next thing I knew I was in Overwatch Aussie Youtuber hell, and was following Muselk, Bazza Gazza, and Tyrodin by the end of the night, OasisOnOverwatch by the end of the week, and Zylbrad in the next week.

Then the universe decides to be funny and put the Overwatch Free Weekend two weeks after the initial entrance into hell, which led to a weekend spent playing Overwatch and reading Overwatch fanfiction, and ending with me buying the game.